Hot Tin Can

This week has been more than usually bright and sun-shiny, which introduced the three of us to something of what boat living might feel like come the summer…

I was lucky enough to be at home for an afternoon when there were very few clouds in the sky and the sun definitely had its hat on!  I can tell you that this new experience is a complete contrast to the icy winter temperatures which we have endured with the help of our trusty squirrel.  The boat heats up like a tin can as the rays of sunshine flood through our large windows, making the goat skin rug and big thick winter coats look more than a little out of season.

The extra interesting dimension is that this heat remains long into the evening, turning our feather duvet from a God-send into rather a burden.  This is going to demand a little bit of thinking time on the subject of seasonal furnishing and storage for bulky winter goods…

There is, as always, an insurmountable amount of cleaning to do and we have piles of things that need to be sorted through and downsized so perhaps this is an opportune moment for bagging and boxing and stashing!  On our wee 40ft narrow thing, however, there really is limited space for rolled up bedding and plastic wrapped woolens so we may look into external storage.  Garage share anyone?!!!

Another problem caused by the consumerism that we are trying to escape is how low our floating home sits in the water.  An attempt to banish heavy things must be made fairly soon to prevent a nose-dive into the sludgy canal/river bed!

Unfortunately, I am not a natural minimalist and a past-time of rescuing things from skips and charity shops prohibits speedy de-cluttering.  I am tempted to pay a friend to do the hard work but petrified that precious items might be lost.  Perhaps external storage and semi-frequent rotation of “props” is the only way forward?!!!



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