how we discovered the cat could swim

‘Twas a warm spring day and the three of us were indulging in a bit of a lazy morning.  At least I thought we were all enjoying a lazy morning…

The cat (she is small and black and generally unassuming) decided that since we were being lazy, she had better guard the front of the boat.  Having taken up the look-out position and perhaps even decided to check the tow path for anything untoward, she must have been startled in her rounds!

From inside the boat, where I was watching the kettle in my pyjamas, I heard “doink, thud, splash!”  I quickly understood from the thrashing about in the water that was occurring alongside the boat that my poor purr-bag had been wrong footed and taken the plunge.  I wrestled with the lock on the front door and shouted to the other half who was still in bed, just praying that we would be able to fish out our small thing before she lost one of her nine.

Luckily my chappy is a bit quicker than I and when I emerged finally from the boat, he was on the tow-path in his boxers trying to coax the startled thing from the murkey depths…  All the while shouting at a large German Shepherd Dog to “go away” so that our poor fur ball could clamber onto the bank without fear of being mauled.

The GSD was grinning from ear to ear and thought the whole episode was highly amusing I am sure (my Mum’s three don’t hold any real malice towards cats, they just seem to find it incredibly funny to terrorise them) but my poor puss was a sorry state and hid under the dining table for at least twenty minutes, creating a veritable pond on the floor, before she would allow us to sweep her into a towel.

The cat is a beast.  She has always hissed at passing dogs, even through the windows.  I am glad she stands her ground and doesn’t run from them but I really wish she would stop drawing attention to herself.  I also wish dog owners would stop their dogs from trying to get into our boat!

I do understand the need to explore and don’t mind them on the back deck but I do not want them halfway down the steps into the bedroom and certainly don’t want them leaping onto the front, which happens to be the cat’s look-out point.  Staffies and Bulldogs should be especially careful because I will be teaching the cat some self-defense…  Hopefully their owners will teach them manners before she has to use it!


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