We (should) have light

I finally got around to ordering some plug sockets and some LIGHT FITTINGS…!!!  I remember very well how short the winter days were and am reminded every evening when I think “oh it’s only six/sevenish” and lo it turns out to be nine-o-bloody-clock.  We are still being all romantic, dining by candlelight and hooking up storm lanterns as we move about the boat but this type of illumination does not permit fine detailed scalpel drawings and makes my eyes funny if I read for too long.

I understood long ago that better lighting would be a necessary expenditure but upon doing my research into LED light fittings I began to also realise what a large expenditure it could become.  We don’t want to scrimp and we do like to be energy efficient but we are on a (tight) budget so I kept looking and asking others and putting the purchasing off and off and off again.

This was not helped by the lack of physical shopping involved.  I like to see things in the flesh and, as much as I adore buying on the interweb, it is often hard to be confident in your own visualisation of an item that appears as a pixelated image the size of a postage stamp.  www.the12voltshop.co.uk employ just such impossible imaging but I found some comfort in that their address is in Cornwall and decided that I would feel good about supporting a wee West Country enterprise.

I didn’t purchase LED fittings however.  I bought fluorescent ones.  Boring looking, plasticky recessed fluorescent things that should fit into the existing holes and save us from learning the carpentry skills required to plug them in the proper manner.

I am excited to see whether they do fit and whether they work as well as we hope that they will.  I am also excited about eventually replacing the fluorescent tubes with these http://www.bedazzled.uk.com/12v%20&%2024v%20LED%20TUBES.htm which seem to back up my theory that LED technology is going to adapt itself to traditional fittings.  Hurrah!  We can all keep our chandeliers and lava-lamps…


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