Patience is a virtue

If there is one thing that I have learnt while living on a boat for the past two years, it is that patience is a virtue. If everybody is patient, life remains calm.

Life on the water happens at it’s own pace. When moving the boat we are frequently overtaken by pedestrians on the towpath (not to mention cyclists and running people), locks empty as fast as they empty and fill as fast as they fill, and even sinking takes an age. Probably the only thing that happens with any speed is falling in. And of course, clambering out again (please see earlier posts)!

Certainly work on the boat doesn’t happen with any speed at all… And I must shamefully admit that despite the long gap in blogging we are still without proper washing facilities, although running water was achieved some time ago. Indeed, the free-standing cooker my sister discovered for us, that we then learnt was one of the only models available that couldn’t be converted to LPG, is still free-standing in the middle of our living room. She brought it to the boat maybe three
months ago!?!

We have necessarily developed a lot of patience and the ability to live with part finished projects for unhealthy lengths of time. This is necessary because people who work on boats take unhealthy amounts of time to complete jobs. It is also necessary because to find someone who knows about doing a particular job on a boat or to discover the right bit of material or mechanics to fix a particular problem on a boat, without exception necessitates communicating with a whole lot of other people who haven’t a faintest clue what on earth you are talking about… Because of course what you are talking about isn’t on earth, it’s on water.


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