Brewed Aboard This Boat

My boyfriend is primarily a musician and I have had to accept that he has at least one other woman in his life. In fact I am so supportive of his passion for the curvaceous wooden creature he perches  on his shoulder, that I often carry her to and from venues and have been lobbying for a new case to protect her when she travels for some time now…

His second focus is harder to accept and support given that it requires me to absent myself from our tiny living space for entire days while large pots boil over, sticky liquids are poured and spilled, and strange smelling concoctions are wrapped in blankets to burble quietly by the stove. I am asked politely to spend the evening with a girlfriend, told to stay out late, and dutifully informed when enough of the mess has been cleared up that I will not find the state of our home too alarming! The truth is that the end result of the beer-making that the man in my life enjoys is tastier and much easier to swallow than the process.

My better half is a fabulous brewer and seems to have the equivalent of green fingers when it comes to making things ferment.  Long gone are the days when cardboard boxes full of bottles of liquid smelling a little bit like silage and carefully labeled “nettle beer” are left languishing in airing cupboards for months. Now that we no longer have an airing cupboard it is a good thing that the stash beneath the bed needs constant replenishing because friends actually ask for home brew when they visit!


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