Where do you put a studio on a boat? It’s hard enough finding room for the continually expanding and contracting wardrobe, the cans of baked beans necessary to see us through the apocalypse and the brewing equipment (see previous post)… Stacks of paper, hoards of magazines, boxes of old inky metal type, the odd slide projector and tins of broken charcoal sticks cannot be packed under the bed or hidden behind the sofa. We tried for a bit but they just kept escaping and exploding onto work surfaces. You’d come home and find little piles of things trying to sort themselves out on the floor in front of the stove.

So a decision has been made and some money has been paid (it’s such a formal arrangement that some papers have even been signed!) and I now have a lovely studio space all of my own at A-Side B-side. You can check out their new website here to get an idea of just how comfortable I’ll be in my nice new heated space with access to a lovely big shared kitchen and wifi internet included in my monthly bill!

Images of what I am working on will be posted as soon as I have a surface to balance on my trestle legs…


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