horrible women

I am sure I could do with extra motivation to clean and clear the exterior areas of our wee home occasionally… But if I were looking to provide motivation for someone I might use what’s known as a “praise sandwich” or possible offer some lovely goal or reward for achievement, not shout out negative things about how so-and-so is getting it wrong!

I have had unpleasant experiences of unpleasant people saying nasty things about the state of our boat on more than one occasion now and I just want to stamp my foot on the ground and shout “Oi! That’s not OK!” and “How would you like it if I stood outside your house and bellowed about your rotting window frames?”

We live in a very small space that’s a bit like the Severn Bridge where it comes to maintenance. Surely it’s OK not to be on top of everything all of the time? We boaters wear our hearts on our sleeves a bit by living so publicly and for one would like some members of the public to cut us some slack, just sometimes…


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