Cancer is…

A fight! A battle! And when people beat it they are heroes…

Well the words I would use to describe cancer are a little different and I certainly don’t consider myself to be in any way heroic. I do have some cancer cells in my body and I am trying to get rid of them. Anyone who had cancer would try to get rid of it, right? I am not waging an exciting proactive campaign against something that is harmful to others. I am just doing what the doctors tell me I need to do in order to stay well.

It’s great when people talk openly about their experiences of cancer and any public figure that steps forward and shares aspects of something so private (Angelina Jolie) absolutely deserves a big pat on the back. On the other hand, it’s a bit odd to be praising people as if they were war heroes, just for coming clean about something that‘s happening in their own lives… It’s not as if talking about cancer is the same as going out of your way to save people you don’t even know from mortal danger is it?

The truth is, cancer is just another hurdle in the way of life. It’s the thing that stops you from booking a holiday because you might be having an operation or starting radiotherapy. It’s the reason you drink half pints instead of pints, go to bed at ten thirty instead of midnight and worry about whether you’ve glugged enough water today.  Cancer puts you in limbo and forces you to do things like making wills and buying insurance. Cancer means you have to remember to put your hair on before you leave home so as not to scare small children… It also means you get to have some fun reading Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches’ before taking your hair off and relishing the screams!

The man of the boat did have to ask me to take my earrings out the other evening because it was creeping him out a bit…



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