Post surgery bras for young(er) people

Post surgery bras for young(er) people

I have never been very good at bras… I’ve never had big knockers so just never really felt the need to hoist them into an “over the shoulder boulder holder” on a daily basis. I have always quite often just done without. They dig in uncomfortably. They don’t fit quite right. They’re expensive!

But now, being as lopsided as I am, I kinda feel like I need some support. One boob moves as I stride, the other resolutely stays put, strapped to my chest like a rock. There’s also an irritating lump on my rib cage, where they could stick a needle in to inject more saline should I want to be a couple of cup sizes larger.

So I have been looking for something comfortable to contain my puppies (the boob and the foob), that’s pretty and ladylike and doesn’t cost the earth. The search is not going so well…

All underwear designers seem to resolutely stick to cup shapes and underwires, with the exception of sports bras. But those are so thick and stretchy that it’s like spending all day in a bear hug! Exactly not where you want to be when you’re having a hot flash!

Why can’t I find sports bra style bralettes or crop tops in beautiful colours, patterns and fabrics…?

The hunt goes on!


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